Proof sprint

Starting today I will be doing a different kind of sprint to solve CSC2401’s first problem set. This is the first evaluation I will be doing in the MSc program and I am half-way to finish it. Unfortunately the evaluation system in this course is very different from the one used in the “Design and Analysis of Algorithms” course I took at the University of Havana. This time the set of problems is the same for all the students and it has to be solved individually. So, it is less fun and I can’t talk much about it in a post.

Probably it’s easier to proof something when you are not working alone. In the same way it is easier to code while doing pair programming.


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  1. Oh, I miss “Design and Analysis of Algorithms” (DAA). Those problem sets were interesting, and as you say, teamwork made them even more interesting.

    Now, I think that maybe you and I were lucky in that subject, as both our teams wanted to work. I imagine that if a team member wouldn’t (or couldn’t) work, it would be quite bad for the rest of the team.

    Anyway, 2401 seems like a very interesting subject. I hope you are enjoying it (and that English is not a big obstacle for you).

    (Eww. I just remembered how I used topics from DAA and from my DAA project to woo you before we started dating…)

    See ya,

    Your husband.

    P.S: Yeap, I /had/ to say that.
    P.S.S: Btw, “it’s easier to prove”, not “its more easier to proof”. Esencialmente escribiste “Probablemente su más más fácil demostración algo cuando no estás trabajando solo”.
    P.S.S.S: “Life’s a show, and we all play our parts… and when the music stops, we open up our hearts”… Oyendo eso justo ahora.


  2. Posted by Roman on marzo 20, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Talking ‘bout “its more xyz” vs “its xyzer”, here in Motherland they don’t care anymore :-). Luis, get some job done instead of actively watching zuzel’s blog 🙂



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