Catch up

This Monday I finished the second Computational Complexity problem set. It seams that I will not have assignments this week so I should try to catch up with my research. First, a little summary of what had happened since my last post:

  • I started a secret experiment (I will write a post about it ASAP).
  • I went to where I attended this three presentations.
  • Followed some links sent by my supervisor:
    • A video about subtextual. (Its FAQ).
    • A link to a post and comments about literate programming (I will expand on this at the end of this post).
    • A paper about an empirical study related to dynamic information flow analysis.
    • A paper about jGRASP — data structures visualizations intended to support teaching and learning activities in couses that include data structures — that includes a controlled experiment with students.
    • A paper about the ClassCompass System — automatic and collaborative support for software design education — that was evaluated using design exercises of undergraduate software engineering courses.

Since I didn’t read those papers completely (just abstract + conclusion), I will do that this week.

Going back to the literate programming post this are the relevant bits of it:

The author concluded with a question that also crossed my mind when I was reading about literate programming for the first time: “Can LP be used for anything other than small-to-medium programs written by a single person in a single language?”. There was an interesting comment of someone that was rewriting a large computer algebra program into literate style to open source it. Other comment presented an example of another large literate program (a compiler). Also there was a comment that pointed out another research question (What influence have literate programming during a software evolution?): “…relatively small changes made to the code can require a pretty major rewrite of your literate text.”.

There are also two links I will want to read this week and I will try to write tests in a literate programming style 😉


One response to this post.

  1. Oh, too bad we didn’t know each other back then. I’ve been at the last 3 OSSs at least, I got my bachelor’s degree at Seneca.



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