References: A Survey of Graphical Notations for Program Design — An Update

On my first time at the Engineering & Computer Science Library, I got a photocopy of “A Survey of Graphical Notations for Program Design — An Update”.

Leonard L. Tripp starts the paper marking the importance of the design notation among the information exchanged during the design process. In general, as stated by the author, this paper is focused on graphical notations for program design (i.e. used to represent the logic of the software and implementation details) published since 1977. An exception is a box and line notation from 1972, but there is no reference to entity-relationship diagrams (1976).

In total, 18 notations are presented with parts of diagrams that correspond to basic constructs (mainly: sequences, selection from alternatives, and loops). Though I found the examples of diagram’s parts more descriptive than the syntax definition sections, it is interesting the use of BNF to describe the design notations.

I think it will be useful to go back to this paper after we define what run-time information can be included on the ERD and when the time to describe the different notation alternatives comes.

* This week I also got a book (Documenting Software Architectures) from the Faculty of Information’s Library (Inforum) and found part of another (Thinking with Diagrams) at Google books. — I will not have time to read those before I finish the two course assignments that are due next week


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