Experimental Setup

In the past days I have been considering several options about how to record the order in which the elements of the diagrams were drawn. After a few experiments with laptops, PCs, webcams, rolls of paper tower, walls, rotating chairs and a transparency projector, I have a nice setup at my desk: a webcam over the display, a bunch of papers and pens in the table and cheese taking photos (it is simple but it works really well). Two of the three computers in which I have tested the webcam were unable to record video. However, that is not going to be a problem in this case, since a set of pictures will be enough. As the last “ingredient”, here is the script that I am using to make Cheese take pictures until I stop it. I uploaded and example of the pictures that I will be able to capture to www.slide.com.

PS: I submitted a second version of the ethics forms today after receiving comments from the Office of Research Office.

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